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Go-to "Barrio" staple: Tostaditas con Huevo, (Fried tortilla chips with egg.)

Updated: May 10, 2023

Crispy, crunchy, simple and affordable. Perfect for feeding large crowds on a tight budget.

All you need is oil, eggs and tortillas to make this super easy, quick meal. Perfect for feeding large crowds or just yourself. Whether you are on a tight budget or just craving something crunchy and delicious. Serve with fried beans on the side, top with cheese and Mountain Screamer Salsa Verde or any of our hot sauces, this will quickly become one of your family weekend favorites!

The day after Thanksgiving we found ourselves with 10 unplanned guests who had camped over! My husband wanted to order breakfast from a takeout restaurant, instead I quickly made a huge batch of this. Everyone loved it and we saved so much money!–Lupe Piñon

My mom used to make this dish for us often when we were little. Back then I thought it was because we all loved it but now looking back, as the only provider I'm sure she was constantly struggling to make ends meet. No matter what her reasons were, tostaditas con huevo reminds me of our childhood in California. All of our friends who came over also ate them up! I always topped mine with Ketchup and salsa (still do!) I know that sounds gross to some of you but hear me out- there is something to be said about that sweet, salty and crispness all mixed in one single serving. It was the ultimate comfort food for real!

Tostaditas con Huevo, (Fried tortilla chips with egg.)


  • 8 eggs beaten (add a splash of milk if you have it but not needed.)

  • 8 yellow, blue or white corn tortillas (any brand works.)

  • Olive oil or any cooking oil you have. The amount of cooking oil depends on the size of frying pan you will be using, most frying pans vary from 8in, 10in, 12in. Best practice is to guide yourself by covering the bottom of the frying pan, about 1/8ths to 1/4ths of an inch from the bottom.

  • Salt and Pepper to taste.

  • Your favorite Mountain Screamer green or red salsa.

  • Any frying pan, cast iron or regular.


Tips: This recipe feeds 4, (or 2 with big appetites or for seconds.) You can double, triple or quadruple for large parties or to make sure you have leftovers because you WILL have someone asking for seconds! Although not necessary but if you have milk, throw a splash of milk when you are beating the eggs to get your eggs even fluffier and to expand the reach of your eggs. Keep in mind though, if you do double, or quadruple this recipe, make sure you fry all the tostada chips in batches so they crisp and brown evenly and so that they don't stick together. After all tostada chips are fried, put them all together in the pan and pour the egg batter over them.

Slice tortillas into any shape you prefer. I usually go with Pizza-slice shapes.

Fry tortilla slices till they become chips. Keep them continually moving, do not leave unattended.

Once fried, salt & pepper to taste then add your egg mixture.

Tilt your skillet in every direction in order to coat the chips evenly with the egg, then flip over in sections.

  1. Slice the tortillas into any size, shape or form you prefer, I like to slice them into pizza-like slices. Once they are cut, set aside.

  2. Crack your eggs into a bowl and throw in the splash of milk if you have it, don't worry if you don't, it's not necessary, add your preferred amount of salt and pepper or you can salt & pepper at the end, whichever you prefer.

  3. Beat the eggs with a fork until well blended, set aside.

  4. Heat your skillet/frying pan in medium heat together with the oil until hot, about 1 to 2 minutes depending on how fast your stove is. To test it, take a small pinch of tortilla and throw it in the oil and if it starts frying, your oil is ready.

  5. Spread your tortilla slices into the frying pan, use a spatula to continuously move them, flip them around. The goal is to crisp and brown them evenly. Do not leave them unattended. They are ready once they are lightly browned and crispy.

  6. Before pouring the egg batter, re-evaluate your oil, if your tortilla chips are practically swimming in oil, pour out some of the oil into a safe heat-proof, crack proof container (since the oil will be very hot,) but leave a substantial light coating of the oil in the pan, enough for the eggs to cook, then pour the egg batter evenly over the tortilla strips. Lightly tilt the frying pan in every direction so the egg batter coats evenly. Save the oil you dripped out of the pan for your next fried meal!

  7. About 30 seconds after coating the chips, turn off the stove and use spatula to flip the eggs and chips over in sections. This will not look perfect, the object is to try to get both sides of the eggs and chips evenly cooked. The pan should be hot enough to continue cooking the egg without overcooking it.

  8. Serve by itself or topped with your favorite Mountain Screamer hot sauce or salsa, cheese, ketchup or any of your favorite toppings. Suggested side pairings are beans and cheese, chorizo, bacon, sausage or ham.

Please leave comments below if you made this recipe, I would love to hear how this turned out for you and the modifications you used to make it your own!

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