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In the 1960's Maria Teresa Escobedo Garcia immigrated from Guadalajara, Jalisco to Los Angeles, CA, bringing her family recipes and love of traditional Mexican Food with her. Her intention was to work hard so she could send money back to her widowed mother to help pay off their home. Teresa eventually accomplished her goal but remained in the U.S. where she married and had three daughters- Monica, Ileana and Maribel to whom she passed on that same love of culture, hard work, perseverance and of course- love of Mexican Food. Teresa moved back and forth from Los Angeles, CA, to El Paso, TX, gaining insight from each region, growing and adapting her style of cooking and preparation. Her daughter's grew up learning her cooking techniques and also evolved them slightly by adding their own touch of Texas and California influences such as smothering Teresa's traditional burritos in salsa and cheese. In present times, all three daughter's have families of their ownand they all reside in the beautiful, colorful State of Colorado. Maribel's hope is to honor her mother's memory, with her family's help she is proud to share Teresa's versatile salsas which can be used for a multitude of meals and cuisines.Try them on chips, tacos, burritos, tortas, enchiladas, chilaquiles, pambazos, gorditas, huevos rancheros, tostaditas con huevos, beans & cheese, smothered fries, fish & chips, bacon, eggs, even burgers, & hot dogs, almost everything can be enhanced and improved with a bit (or a lot,) of salsa!Go to our "Recipes and Ideas," section for more! (Image of Guadalajara in the 50's)

Picture of a young Teresa Murillo
Picture of Manuel and Teresa Murillo after getting married
Picture of Ileana, Maribel and Monica in Cd. Juarez Mexico in school uniform
Mountain Screamer booth at Feast of St Arnold with daughter Lali attending
Picture of the Matriarch Rosario Escobedo and her 2 daughters Celia and Teresa
Picture of mom Teresa and 3 daughters, Maribel, Ileana and Monica
Mountain Screamer Booth with daughter Lali in Feast of St Arnold's
Picture of Tia Elsa, Teresa and their then-boss Mr. Anderson
Picture of Tio Poncho and mom Teresa
Booth at Feast of St Arnold with owners/CEO's Jeremy and Maribel Tobin
Framed Participation Certificate from Feast of Saint Arnold
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