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Map of Jalisco Mexico

Originated in Jalisco

Image of a Colorado Flag

Settled in Colorado

Behind our Chile Colorado

It almost seems as if the name is a tribute to our beautiful, colorful Colorado where this salsa planted its roots!

In reality Chile Colorado references a mouthwatering traditional Mexican dish made from red chili pods,

cooked with beef or pork.

Our old-fashioned recipe originates in Jalisco, Mexico, 

therefore we do not use the frequented spice- Cumin

which is found in most other similar recipes.

My mother never used cumin and we prefer it this way too but you can add as much as you'd like!

 Use it to make Chile Colorado, enchiladas,

chilaquiles, Menudo, Pozole and much more!

Behind the Verde

Our love for this green salsa

motivated the creation

of this saucy perfection!


Each Mountain Screamer salsa is made with our own

 family recipes passed down from generations.

Originating in Jalisco, Mexico,

settled in Colorful Colorado.

 our salsa verde is made with only the freshest tomatillos, serranos and love. 

Image of Tomatillos
Image of Dry Red Chile Pods
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